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Face Mask Bracket Support Frame Now Available in South Africa

Be more comfortable and confident wearing your Disposable or Material mask. This Game Changer will help you breathe easier, be more comfortable, reduce glasses fog up and protect your makeup from smudges

How to use?

  • Place the 3D Face mask Bracket at the inner crease of your mask or place the bracket directly onto your face.
  • The Bracket has clips on either side if you wish to secure it to a pleated disposable mask or a reusable pleated face mask.
  • Its That Easy! Breathing will be much easier and your speech will be dramatically enhanced. 
Product Features
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The face frame support bracket is made from food-grade silicon material which is soft, comfortable and gentle to the skin.
  • Very Useful for people that has to wear their masks for extended periods of the day. Teachers have really been loving Mumsnests Face Mask Bracket Support Frames.
  • YOUR PERFECT MAKEUP SAVER:These Brackets Support the space around the mouth and nose. Its an excellent lipstick protector and you can now go about your day without lipstick and makeup smudges.
  • DO YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN?: The Brackets aids the skin to breathe better and assists people who struggle with problematic skin. Our clients have reported their skin really improves after they started wearing Mumsnests face Mask Brackets.
  • REDUCES FOG: Reduces fog when wearing glasses so you are able to see better. If you wear glasses you know what a pain its been to wear a mask and constantly battle with themisting of your glasses due to hot air going upwards. Face mask brackets assists by diverting hot air outwards and not towards your specticles.
  • HELPS BREATHING: With the comfortable 3D design it keeps the fabric off your mouth and nose to create more breathing space and reduce stuffiness.
  • BETTER HYGIENE: Your mask wont be so clammy as your mask is away from your mouth.
  • CONVENIENT:  Small and easy to store.
  • REUSABLE: The face frames are washable and reusable.
  • COMFORTABLE: The ergonomic design is suitable for various face shapes. Material is soft and gentle on the skin
Product Specifications
  • Color: Transparrent
  • Material: Food-grade plastic
  • Item Size: 10.3 x 8.5x 3.3cm
  • Item Weight: 8g

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