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Lock Down Breakthrough

So I recently read an article from a mom who had a young daughter, and she speaks of an incident that happened in their home a few weeks back.

She explains how randomly one night after her daughter got out of the bath, the daughter had a melt down!

When prying her for answers she got this response “ I am afraid of what might happen, I am so scared” So her mother asked what exactly is she afraid of??
The response left her speechless……….
“Lock down and Corona scare me and I miss all friends and my teacher”

THIS HIT HOME WITH ME, Not on the same day that I read it, but this morning it just kept popping up in my mind…. we have had some issues with Hannah @ bed time lately (more than we usually do, she has never been very good at sleeping in her own bed or being away from me / separation anxiety)

It hit me like a ton of bricks, why as parents had we not thought about this sooner? Why had we not asked the kids how they felt about all of this change and uncertainty?

Something inside of me said to sit her down this afternoon and ask her how she feels about Lock down and BOY, what an eye opener!!

She broke down in tears the minute the question was asked and started pouring her heart out about being afraid of catching Covid because Dad works every day and the risks are high.

As much as we can, we try to shelter our kids from harm and bad news but with the Corona story, it is all us adults talk about these days. She was bound to hear things and we did not even think this would have any consequence.

She cried about missing school / routine / friends / her teacher and just being able to leave the house. She is extremely scared to go back until the Virus is gone.

I just stood in silence and let her cry and say her say…

Once she was done, I started to explain to her that we have ensured that daily we do everything possible to keep her and Harper safe, I have a regular sanitizing routine @ 6am while they are all still snoozing (A sweep through the entire house with my spray bottle, and I do this no less than 3x daily) and that when Dad is at work he is super safe wearing gloves / mask and not touching people and washing hands constantly.

He gets home from work, he first removes his dirty clothes, washes and sterilizes his hands. Leaves his work clothes outside so he does not bring in any germs. And then he washes his face and hands again before kissing anyone “Hello”

This was all she needed to hear, to feel safer and calmer. She needed to be reassured that all was going to be ok and that she was safe!!!!!

It was like speaking to a different child after that, I could see the relief on her face. I spent some time browsing the net and found some age appropriate things to use as a means of getting her to express herself more clearly.

BEST idea ever!!!!!! She took time to feel her emotions and express them on paper, I did not help her with any of her answers and I gave her as much time as she needed (I did assist with some explanations of certain words or spelling)– see attached pics
We have a new sleep routine printed
We even have a Promise contract drawn up and signed by all of us (I am pretty chuffed, the little glow worm poem on the end is entirely made up by me, spur of the moment. A little Mommy touch to it)
She has stuck them up on her wall, by her bed 🛏️🛌 for motivation...

Moral of this Mom blog, trust your mom instinct. I knew she was acting out of the ordinary and not just being bratty. I knew I needed a game plan first. I knew I had to approach with caution & in the end, we finished off with hugs and kisses by the dozen and a fist pump just because we can ✊✊😁😁💜💜✊✊

We will see how tonight goes with bed time and hopefully all the worry and fear is gone, so we can all have a good rest!!!!!!!


Stay safe xx

The Mumsnest Team

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