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Mumsnest 3D Face Mask Support Bracket Helping South Africans

As Summer approaches, wearing a mask can be hot and uncomfortable. So how to wear a mask during the hot weather?? Mumsnest has the answer. 

3D Face Mask Brackets are the new essential item to have when wearing a mask. As we all know, Masks are crucial for preventing the spread of Covid-19. Most of us battle with anxiety while wearing masks and have trouble breathing in them. We found a product designed to assist with all our “mask” issues. 

  • These Face Mask Support Frames are designed to allow for easier breathing whilst wearing your mask as it props the mask up off of your face and makes mask wearing much more comfortable.

  • It has a super soft feel to it. Our Face Mask Brackets are made from food grade Silicone.

  • Those using the Face Bracket will also notice a drastic improvement in speech audibility.

  • It also allows some relief to those who wear spectacles as it assists with fogging.  

  • Face Brackets allow for some normalcy for woman, as wearing lipstick and makeup can now be done without the fear of smudging or ruining your mask.  

  • The Face Brackets are re-usable / washable (Warm water & soap) and can be stored in your car, laptop bag or handbag.

  • Specialized design for fitting facial outline 

  • Light and Compact 

  • Clear in color 

  • 2 sizes available: Small – Medium & Large 

  • TIP 1: Let the mask hold the bracket at first, then adjust the position to fit. If you want your bracket to stay in place after removing your mask we suggest using some thread to secure the bracket to the mask. Double sided tape can also be used if you do not have a needle and thread available.

  • TIPS 2: A solid Face Bracket DIY solution to keeping the frame in place, sew/secure a snap button onto the inner of your mask, tie/sew the other half of the snap to the frame with some thread and seal it with some clear nail varnish. Now when you take off your mask in between trips / shopping, it will remain attached 

The second wave of Covid-19 infections are already showing its face in other countries.How long this will all last is a question that only time will tell. Let us all do our part in combating this Virus.
Face Brackets are sold in South Africa by Mumsnest.
We are the only stockists of Face Brackets in SA and make sure we only keep the best quality. Currently stocking the much improved Version 2.
Please enquire at info@mumsnest.co.za
Here are some safety tips: 
  •  Disinfect all surfaces multiple times during the day 

  •  Wash hands  

  •  Do not touch your face 

  •  Sneeze / Cough into your elbow to avoid spreading germs 

  •  Sanitize your hands every time you leave your house        

  • Avoid close contact with others                                           

  • Stay home if possible 

  • Wear a mask when out in public  

  • Do not share masks

  • Practice social distancing daily 

Stay safe and sending you love/health and prosperity wishes.

Mumsnest Team


078 383 8583 




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