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Esquire Tripod Projector Screen - Widescreen

Esquire Tripod Projector Screen - Widescreen

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Esquire Tripod Projector Screen - Widescreen format 200x 113 Retail Box 1 year Limited Warranty
Product Overview
Esquire CSW200 Cinema Series (200x113)16:9 HDTV format -This lightweight, yet durable Tripod Projection Screen is designed for  Home Entertainment  "Home Theatre in a Box" for a big screen viewing experience,  other uses are portable presentations, Audio-visual use for your business and  even educational needs. It features a durable flame retardant and mildew resistant screen material with superior reflectivity and a matte white surface, rolled into a rugged metal case. The tripod projector screen is easy to set up and taken down . Literally take the tripod screen out of the box , pull the legs out, turn the screen from the vertical to horizontal and pull the screen out of the metal case to your required height to any level on the tripod upright and vice versa.

•One of the lightest and most handy tripod screens with housing
•Rugged steel case
•Steel tripod stands ensure the stability of the screen.
•Stable structure  and wrinkle free Matte surface
•Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water
•Plastic end caps
•Easy to set up, it takes only 15 seconds to set up and take down the screen
• Adjustable bracket and telescopic rod for adjustable height of housing and fabric
•Evenly distributes light over a wide viewing area while colours remain bright
•Easy-to-store and transport
•Matte white fabric - Flame retardant and mildew resistant
•2mm steel legs & housing
•Tripod adjusts height and housing position
•Heavy-duty roller
•1" border on screen sides
•Viewable H/W/ D : 80"*45"/ 90"

Model no: CSW200  Cinema Series
Category: Projection Screens
Style: Tripod
Material: Matt White fabric
Colour: White
Screen Type: Manual
Projection: Front
Format Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HDTV  Format
Actual size/cm WxH 200*113
Viewable Reference size to Inch WxH / Diagonal 80"*45"/ 90"

Application: Home Entertainment  "Home Theatre in a Box"
Viewing:  Up to 40 people

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