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Macaroni Laureate Universal Student

Macaroni Laureate Universal Student Backpack Black

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Macaroni Laureate Universal Student Backpack-Lightweight ,Padded shoulder straps and Back,Dual Main zippered compartments,Padded Top Grip Handle,Waterproof Material-Two Tone Black and Grey,Retail Box, 1 year Limited Warranty

Product Overview

The Stylish and Trendy Macaroni Laureate Universal Student School Backpack is designed to perfectly fit the need of academics young and old to provide optimal storage while remaining aesthetically pleasing for those that are fashion-minded .The Macaroni Laureate Student Backpack  has a very modern look to it which is complemented by modern features like a padded back area and heavy-duty padded handle.
There is  plenty of storage space with two main zippered compartments for all of the files and books that need to be carried around during the academic year. The fully padded cushioned shoulder straps and on the back make this backpack comfortable to carry even when lots of weight is inside the bag while protecting your back .This lightweight backpack can be used for just about anything even on holidays. The Macaroni Laureate Student Backpack is ideal for ages 14 and up.


•Padded Back for support and comfort
•Padded Curved Shoulder straps
•Padded Heavy Duty Handle at top of the backpack
•Growth buckle adjustment
•Dual Main zippered compartments
•Dual Inside Pockets
•Dual Elasticised Exterior side pockets
•Waterproof Material cover keeps bag and contents dry
•Stylish and Trendy Two Tone Design 
Please note: This is not a Notebook Bag– but can be used for everything else
•Stock Code- ETB10826BK
•Model - Laureate
•Type- Universal Student School Back Pack
•Description- Macaroni Laureate Universal Student Backpack
•Colour –Black and Grey 
•Dimensions(HxWxD) 410mm x340mm x 220mm

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