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Varta V-Man Portable Power Pack set-USB-in &

Varta V-Man Portable Power Pack

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Varta V-Man Portable Power Pack Set -USB-in & USB-Out Function,7-part Adapter set,Storage bag,Max. charging current 800 mA,LiIon Akku 3.7 V 1800 mAh,USB-Adapter Micro-USB Extension Mini-USB-White, Retail Box ,

Product Overview

The Award winning Varta V-Man Portable Power Pack set is ideal for people on-the-go like outdoor sport fans, business people and the new young mobile generation constantly requiring energy for their mobile devices like smartphones, GPS and MP3 players - anytime and everywhere. Enjoy the total independence from the energy supply! I Including 7 adaptors - compatible with Mini USB, Micro USB, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Apple (30 Pin connector)

The perfect mobile solution: Charge your mobile phone, GPS (Sat Nav) or MP3-Player anywhere anytime
Powerful: With a charged V-MAN you can recharge your mobile phone twice or your MP3-Player up to 10 times
Reliable: Push the state of charge button and see how much power is left via 3 blue LEDs
Fast: Due to Li-Ion technology the charge time for each device is only 1-2 hours
Flexible: With both USB-In & USB-Out functionality and a wide range of adapters this product provides power for nearly 100% of products on the market

•Connect the Professional V-MAN Plug with the wall socket
•Alternatively connect the V-Man Power Pack directly into the USB outlet of a PC or Laptop computer to charge it.
•Connect the USB-extension-cord with the USB-Out port of the V-MAN Power Pack and use the right adapter for charging your mobile device.
•As soon as the device is connected the charging process begins.
•Some devices like MP3-Players need a special adapter to simulate a data communication on the USB port.
(This is included in the V-MAN package.)
•Including 7 adaptors - compatible with Mini USB, Micro USB, Motorola, Nokia,
   Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Apple (30 Pin connector)
• Manufacturer: Varta
• Manufacturer Part No.: 57058
• Stock Code: 4008496661923
• Capacity: 1800 mAh
• Charging time (Power pack): 3-5 hours
• Charging time (external devices): 1-2 hours
• USB In & Out function
• Global Voltage
• Electrochemical System-Li - Ion

Additional Info
• Dimensions (WxHxL)mm 150x230x65
• Weight-389g
• Colour-White

The Professional V-MAN set contains:
• V-MAN Power Pack Set
• V-MAN Plug power supply (also separately available)
• Protective cloth pouch 
• USB extension cord
• 7-parts adapter set
• V-MAN charging adapter
• USB-adapter

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